Industry Stakeholders

Recordings of the respective PA On Track Stakeholder Webinars listed below are available for download. Click on the recording format that best suits your interest and computer system capabilities, and then please provide your questions and comments by clicking on "GO" the link for the respective webinar session. Questions and comments may also be submitted by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Note that additional webinars have been scheduled and will be held on the dates indicated in the table, below.

 Webinar Date Webinar
Presentation Comment
Plan Overview, Goals & Objectives, and Performance Measures (Summary) April 25, 2013  VIEW VIEW GO
Review of Draft Performance Measures (Summary) July 18, 2013  VIEW VIEW GO
Multi-Modal Needs
and Finance
September 12, 2013 VIEW VIEW GO
Project Prioritization
November 14, 2013 VIEW VIEW GO
Multi-modal Network
January 23, 2014 VIEW VIEW GO
Project Prioritization Methodology and Scoring
 March 13, 2014 VIEW VIEW GO

 May 15, 2014 VIEW VIEW GO
June 26, 2014 VIEW VIEW GO
Final LRTP/CFMP  August 2014 VIEW VIEW GO


Presentations to Special Interest Groups

The planning team has been presenting the plan to various stakeholder and modal groups across the state. The following links provide information on the material used as part of these presentations.

Completed Presentations: