Public Participation

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The Public Participation Plan (PPP) for Pennsylvania’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Update and inaugural Comprehensive Freight Movement Plan (CFMP) is designed to engage a broad array of project stakeholders throughout the PA On Track transportation planning process. The engagement process: (1) provides opportunities for public review and comment at key decision points, with adequate public notice and access to underlying technical and policy information; and (2) provides timely information about transportation issues and decision-making processes to citizens, affected public agencies, and stakeholders.

The PA On Track’s public participation process will use four primary methods:

  1. PA On Track Advisory Committees – Four ad-hoc project advisory committees will provide a hierarchical approach regarding policy and technical decisions and actions. These include: an Executive Committee, Management Committee, Technical Advisory Committee; and Freight Advisory Committee.

  2. Stakeholder Webinars – The PA On Track project team will conduct eight stakeholder webinars throughout the 20-month LRTP and CFMP planning process. The webinars are designed to provide frequent opportunities for stakeholders to directly engage the project team through interactive and meaningful dialogue regarding LRTP and CFMP goals, objectives, performance measures, modal needs, alternative investment scenarios, finance and revenue, and project prioritization. Please visit the Stakeholder Webinars section of the PA On Track website for more information about the webinars and details regarding future webinar dates, discussion topics, registration information, and opportunities to provide your input into the development of the LRTP and CFMP. Your involvement matters, so please be sure to Join our Email List to receive invitations to future webinars.

  3. Comment HerePA On Track Website ( – The website serves as the project portal for information postings and updates regarding the LRTP and CFMP planning process, including specific information relative to public participation activities. The website’s Comment feature and Contact Us page solicits questions and comments from both stakeholders and the general public regarding the overall planning process and specific inputs on key milestones, such as goals, objectives, performance measures, modal needs and issues, etc. In addition, questions and comments are also welcome by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  4. Targeted Stakeholder Outreach – Proactive engagement of specific transportation stakeholders via industry-related meetings or conferences and/or virtual public meetings made available through the project website is underway. To date, the PA On Track project team has attended and is scheduled to participate in the various events specified under the Other Presentations section of the PA On Track website. If you are aware of an upcoming event, please email the event name, dates, and contact information to the Pa On Track project team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .